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     Kenneth Clayton Dawson, Esq.

I've tried cases since 1982. I haven't limited myself to one area of practice. Frankly, I don't see how other lawyers can do that. For instance, in a wrongful death case, I had to know much more than tort law. I had to fight six other law suits. There were four lawsuits to prevent my client from administering her late husband's estate. I won dismissals in each. The last was appealed to the Court of Appeals. I won there 3-0. Then, the same people filed another lawsuit against my client for court-ordered visitation with her 4 year old daughter. I won a dismissal in that case. Again they appealed, and again I won 3-0. Afterward, DuPont sent a senior claims adjuster to  
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my office with a checkbook in hand. He told me the company had watched me fight those cases. Then, he wrote a very large check to settle my client's wrongful death action. A trial lawyer should be able to try any case, no matter the facts or law.

For over thirty years, I have tried cases in Tort Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Workers Comp, Social Security Disability, Traffic Law and more. There are sections about different areas of law throughout this web site.

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