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Our Criminal Defense Practice is based in Stokes County, NC

Mr. Dawson has defended criminal prosecutions since 1982. He routinely wins dismissals, acquittals, reduced pleas, and deferred prosecutions. He is familiar with court personnel, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and other local attorneys. He is no stranger to the Courthouse and knows how to defend cases. When you hire The Dawsonj Law Firm, he will represent you. No junior asociate will be assigned to your case. 

Beginning December 1, 2011, substantial changes to the State's criminal laws took effect. Many  are probably unconstitutional. It's important that you have an attorney who understands what effects current legislature has on your case..

Having skilled counsel is important. Criminal convictions have consequences. You could be fined, jailed, imprisoned. and put on probation. A conviction will result in a criminal record. Even dismissal of charges will be on your public record and may cost you a job. A felony conviction will take away  your citizenship rights, some forever. Some misdemeanors deny you valuable constitutional rights, such as the right to keep and bear arms. Probation will deny your rights against unreasonable searches, among others. 

Under recent law, all misdemeanor sentences will be served in the local jail. No longer will misdemeanants receive the benefits of programs and other services afforded by the Department of Corrections. Probationers can be incarcerated by a Probation Officer without a Hearing for three day periods (called a "dip"), or they can be incarcerated for 90 days by a Judge (called a "dunk"). All sentences will increase. Parole is required as a before one's sentence can be completed. Another disaster is that a person's juvenile record is no longer confidential. It can be used against a Defendant during a sentencing hearing.

 One miscarriage of justice which was not changed by our Legislature was treatment of minors. In almost all other States, minors are not charged with  criminal offenses in adult courts. They are not convicted or imprisoned as adults.  However, North Carolina prosecutes 16 and 17 year olds as if they were adults. It is a great contradiction of justice. Although minors cannot legally enter into contracts, the State routinely negotiates  plea agreements with them. The Courts simply look the other way, perhaps hoping the Legislature will correctt the situation. Minors can't be parties to civil actions without the protection of a guardiuan ad litem, but they they can be prosecuted as Defendants in criminal cases. There was hope that the Legislature would make changes to its treatment of minors. However, it was thought to be "too costly." 

Fortunately, there are some positive changes. For one thing, nonviolent felonies can be expunged from a person's record, if committed before he or she was eighteen years of age.  Another is that anyone convicted for a first drug possession offense will have his or her charges dismissed upon successful completion of probation. Another advance is that sentencing will include a risk assessment to keep nonviolent offenders out of custody. Violent offenders will be less likely to qualify for probation.

You can depend on Mr. Dawson to protect your rights. He understands when  the rights of one individual are lost, they are lost to everyone. Contact us now at:

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