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Mr. Dawson discusses Impaired Driving Law:


​     If you are reading this, you or a loved one has probably been charged with DWI. I think it is worse than some felony charges. It takes away your driver's license. You are fined, forced into assessments, classes, and community service. You can be jailed, even imprisoned for a first offense! It sucks! 

     DWI is not a drunk driving law. You don't have to be drunk to be found guilty. You can be perfectly sober and still be convicted, if your blood alcohol content (bac) is 0.08 or more. If it is less than 0.08, you can be found guilty if you are "appreciably impaired."

     DWI is not limited to alcohol. Any impairing substance can be used for a conviction, even prescribed medications. More disabled people are being charged with DWI, because their medicines are often "impairing" and they cannot satisfactorily perform field sobriety tests. I would wager that most people, including police officers, could not satisfactorily do the tests under the conditions facing most defendants.

     You will first be tried in District Court by a Judge. If convicted, you can appeal to Superior Court for a jury trial. I have tried hundreds of DWI cases, including manslaughter prosecutions. Such cases present unique issues and procedures. 

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Getting through a DWI prosecution requires skillful navigation. Your driver's license and freedom are at stake. Mr. Dawson accepts DWI cases in Stokes and Forsyth Counties. There is a $200 consultation fee, which is applied towards your retainer. A veteran trial lawyer, Mr. Dawson is willing and able to fight impaired driving prosecutions.
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Field Sobriety Test - Heel to Toe, Walk and Turn
Field Sobriety Test (HGN) being done by the officer incorrectly
 Fnger to Nose - Not a Standardized Field Sobriety Test.
North Carolina uses the EC/IR II Intoxilyzer Machine. Refusal to take the test will suspend your license for one year.
Field Sobriety Test - One Leg Stand.

You are not required by law to perform Field Sobriety Tests or take the roadside breathalyzer test.